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A simple before/after concept for whitening toothpaste targeting young professionals.

OOH signage  +  In Pubs & Cafes  +  App Fun  +  TVC

TVC Concept

Frame 1
Open on a young guy reflected in his bathroom mirror. He puts Macleans Whitening toothpaste on his toothbrush, but we notice that he only brushes one side of his mouth.

Frame 2
Cut to the next day and again he only brushes the same side of his mouth.

Frame 3
The next day and the next, the same thing happens.

Frame 4
Cut to another day and this time we see the young guy in the bathroom mirror painting half of his face yellow and the other half white.

Frame 5
Cut to him at a game amongst fans and he bares his teeth in a great cheer for his team. We see one half of his teeth are yellow and the other half are white, to match his face paint.

Frame 6
End on pack in his bathroom.

Gets teeth whiter. Keeps teeth whiter.
(fans roaring under)

Sydney, Australia