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A highly regulated industry. Hugely cluttered publications. Hot competition. These campaigns stood out, while clearly demonstrating patient benefits and product superiority to both consumers and well-educated, time-poor HCPs.

A strong visual demonstration of a new, long-acting insulin, allowing patients to stay on target throughout the day.

An engaging play on words to introduce and simplify a revolutionary, but complex concept to HCPs.

While advances in HIV medications were helping patients live longer, they were interacting badly with drugs for co-morbidities. Strong branding helped launch and quickly communicate Isentress benefits to both HCPs and consumers.

Scary characters brought to life the types of pain that Nervoderm skin patches would soothe. A 360 campaign aimed at consumers, HCPs and pharmacists.

This continuous birth control product delivers low estrogen doses on the 4th week of every cycle, reducing the frequency of menstruation. We positioned it as very pro-feminine, designed around what women actually want.

Sydney, Australia